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  1. Opening a bitcoin wallet
  2. BitStock exchange Manual
  3. Electronic Signature and Adding Bitcoin Address
  4. Settling a trade on BitStock
  5. Fees in the Bitcoin Network
  6. BitStock API

BitStock exchange Manual

1. Registrating new account

To be able to trade bitcoins it is necessary to create a new account .

The registration is available both for natural persons and legal persons (companies).

Click on the Registration button in the top right corner to register.

2. Creating Bitcoin Wallet and its Registration for the BitStock Exchange

Přidat novou adresu Adding a new address for trading on the exchange - for receiving and selling bitcoins it is necessary to install a bitcoin wallet. You may find the manual for how to install and use the Electrum wallet here.

After registration and creating a wallet log in to your profile and select My Adresses from the left menu (see the printscreen).

Click on the green button "Add new address".

Přidání BTC adresy

Enter a BTC address from your wallet, which will serve as the address for receiving and sending transactions via the BitStock exchange.

You may find the manual for the electronic signature here.

3. Depositing funds on your exchange account.

Information about our EUR bank account can be found here.

EUR deposits are processed automaticllay via a (read only) bank API, so right after receiving your deposit it is credited to your exchange account.

Sales deposit; if you intend to sell bitcoins on our exchange, it is first necessary to make a returnable deposit of approximately 10 % of the value of the transaction. This deposit is used merely as an advance payment and will be automatically unblocked immediately after completing a trade.

If you wish to sell e.g. 0.2 BTC, you must have the balance on your exchange account at least 10 % of the value of the 0,2 BTC.

4. Processing a Trade

If you wish to receive bitcoins for your EUR, concentrate on the red table, where bitcoins are being offered for sale.

If you wish to sell your bitcoins and receive EUR, you may react on an order from the green table.

5. Completing a Trade

If you sold bitcoins, it is required that you send them to the buyer’s address.

If you bought bitcoins, you do not need to do anything, wait until the sellers sends you the BTC.

Go to your profile and under the tab "Commitments" you will see the processed trade. There are all the necessary information for sending - the amount in BTC and the address, on which you are required to send the bitcoins.

Copy the amount and the address to your wallet and send the payment. Provided the payment has at least 3 approvals (this is usually carried out within 1 hour), the trade is successfully processed and you receive EUR for your sale.