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  1. Opening a bitcoin wallet
  2. BitStock exchange Manual
  3. Electronic Signature and Adding Bitcoin Address
  4. Settling a trade on BitStock
  5. Fees in the Bitcoin Network
  6. BitStock API

Electronic signature - Bitcoin-Qt

Acquiring electronic signature manual

  1. Click on "File" -> "Sign Message" in Bitcoin-Qt.
  2. Enter the address, the e-mail and click on the button "Sign Message".
  3. If the wallet is password protected, the order line asks to enter the password and afterwards the signature is generated.
  4. Copy the generated electronic signature and paste it in the respective field on BitStock.


While sending your bitcoins in Bitcoin-Qt a bitcoin address, which you do not expect and is not registered with BitStock, may be selected . At first it may not be clear where the address emerged from in the created sending transaction and the address itself may not be visible in Bitcoin-Qt.

Bitcoin-Qt creates after each transaction of sending bitcoins internally new bitcoin address, on which it transfers all user’s bitcoins, which remained on the address after completing the sending transaction. On the original bitcoin address there is 0 bitcoins left and all the remaining bitcoins are transferred on a new one, hidden bitcoin address, which the user in Bitcoin-Qt normally does not see!

Moreover, Bitcoin-Qt approaches the "wallets" as a unit and while sending bitcoins arbitrarily combines the bitcoin addresses assigned to the specific "wallet" (also the above mentioned hidden addresses). If an address "owns" any bitcoins, the Bitcoin-Qt client may decide according to its functionality that it will use this address for a transaction. The only condition is that the address is assigned to the "wallet", from which the payment is being processed.

If your sending transaction contains such unknown bitcoin address, it is necessary to follow these instructions in Bitcoin-Qt:

  1. In menu select "Help -> "Tuning window" and switch to the tab "Console". Type in the order "listaddressgroupings" and press Enter. Used addresses are displayed and we mark here the address, which is in our transaction as the sender, next we copy it to the clipboard and paste it as an additional address to our account on BitStock.
  2. Now the signing itself, for which it is first necessary to unlock your wallet (if the wallet is not password protected, you may skip this step).
    Type in the order "walletpassphrase", a space, the password to your wallet, another space and the number of seconds, for which the wallet is going to be unlocked. 60 seconds should suffice, however, if you do not carry out the following step in time (an error message shows), use longer period next time.
  3. Press Enter and type in the last order "signmessage" followed by a space, after which we paste the copied address from the clipboard, another space follows and in the end we type in our e-mail address. Confirm it by pressing Enter, copy the generated electronic signature and paste it in the respective field on BitStock.