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About BitStock exchange

BitStock is a digital currency exchange. Currently you can buy or sell bitcoins (BTC). Our mission is to provide safe and stable environment for digitial currencies exchange trading.

BitStock is a unique, extremely secure bitcoin exchange. Contrary to all other bitcoin exchanges around the world BitStock does not hold any bitcoins in escrow. Clients sends bitcoins directly to each other using their own local and private bitcoin wallets. BitStock system serves as an arbiter and verifies bitcoin transactions directly in the bitcoin network. Your bitcoins are safe since they are all the time stored in your local bitcoin wallet on your computer and are not centrally stored (and vulnerable) on our servers.

Why to trade on BitStock exchange?
Transaction fee
30 days EUR volume less than €4000 0.79%
30 days EUR volume more than €4000 0.44%
30 days EUR volume more than €10000 0.39%
30 days EUR volume more than €20000 0.34%
30 days EUR volume more than €40000 0.29%
Other fees
Registration fee No fee
Money transfer fee (withdraw or deposit) No fee
Place a buy or sell order No fee
Cancel the buy or sell order No fee
Order verification sms 0,08 EUR / 1 SMS *
Sales deposit: ca. 10% of actual BTC price

* SMS fee is charged by our sms provider. Note: SMS fee is not charged during the registration process, where a verification sms is sent.

Sales deposit

BitStock exchange does not hold users bitcoins so it can not operate with them and is dependent on users and their willingness to send bitcoins to the buyer.

The BitStock exchange could not work If users (sellers) would not send bitcoins to the buyers. For this reason, there is a refundable sales deposit, which is blocked on seller BitStock account during the sell transaction.

For more information about refundable sales deposit please visit the link here .